The Networking 2018 Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

What a night!

Pictured winning Networker 2018 at #Introbiz & #IntrobizExpo VIP After Party, an inaugural Competition at Wales’ and probably the UK’s and one of the Worlds Best Business Networks, in front of the Worlds Best Sales & Marketing Guru, Grant Cardone and his queen and partner in the Worlds Best Sales & Marketing Power Couple, Elena Cardone, in the inaugural competition (in this category)!

My clients 123 Divorce also won two awards for #BestStand & #BestMarketing – wow can I be more chuffed!

This 1 moment has inspired this Blog & another Blog named KingofMarketing


Now what!

I’m currently 10x my business by helping people to 10x theirs.  If that’s for you then please let me know? 07960 872549 or

Also please check out my clients, 123 Divorce, a new online legal services disruptor and multi award winning company (already and it only launched on Thursday 🚀 at the Introbiz Expo), where they scooped two amazing awards, #BestStand & #BestMarketing – so chuffed they got Best Marketing as we do their Marketing and also chuffed they had best stand as Darren from Treganna Deserves an award for some Great Design, Gavin & Michelle for putting it all together and being awesome and I can take a little credit too, as there was plenty of my advice around and on the stand too. See – !

Brief history on how and why I can help to 10x your business!

I have already once previously nearly 20x’d a business for someone else (we’ll really it was 100x as it went from 0 to 5.7 million in just 10 years!)

I’m now doing the same for my Business and for yours too if you want?

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